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Celebrate National School Library Day

Why is Having a School Library Important ?
Contest Winners Announced

Read the winning entries below



By: Ashley
I find that our school library is a fun place to look for many different kinds of books. Walking through the library just opens up many kinds of opportunities to read and learn about many things. Ms.Debokx always helps me find something I would like to read. Without a library you and I would not have as many books to read and not a quiet place to study. To me, having a library is like a place were a story is stuffed in a book and waiting to be read by children and parents to express them in a way not even I can explain. I like all the old and new books that I find in the library. Our library is a one of the classes I enjoy. After I read a book I find that Ms Debokx was right, the book was a great story. All I know is that with out a library I could not not read all the books I would like to. It’s also a nice place to go if you need peace and quiet.

A Wonderful Place
By Emily

A library is a wonderful place. It’s where you can get away from the noise of the world. It’s a place where you can sit down and do research or read a book. You can also watch movies about people, places or things.

If you don’t like reading, then you’re missing out! The library is a great place. Be thankful for your library, not many people can even buy books! The people who have a library in their home, community or their school are lucky.

In my old school, they had a library, it was fun! There were lots and lots and lots of awesome books! There was even a computer lab in it. Our librarian read books to us every time we went there as a class. One of the books I remember was “The missing piece”; it’s about a circle cheese thing that lost its piece.

I love the library and you should to!

Library’s are important because…
By Jacob

I love the library. Within the library there are zillions of genres. You can get books for tests and quizzes. Before libraries were invented a van would drive around different towns. It was called a Book Mobile. I love the library because you can meet new friends.
While I am at library I love to bring books from the library home. Whatever book I will ever want to read is in the library. Information on multiple places on earth can be found in the library. You can learn medical tips and first aid. You can learn how life began and how it might end. You can learn about Greek gods and native mythology. You can learn all the species of animals and insects. There is no library better then the elementary school of Crossfield.

I Love Libraries
By: Melissa

The school library is a great place to study and learn new things about your country, province, animals and places around the world. There are lots of resources for studying like a computer, a book, and Ms.Debokx. Amazingly, lots of people love to read but need a quiet place to read. The library is a nice place where you can usually find quiet! Our librarian is great. She can help you with anything about the library and other stuff too! The library is a wonderful place with lots of colourful posters and books! There are many books I haven’t even heard of but they are surprisingly great. Generally there is a library in every school… but ours is the best I’ve ever been to! I loved our old library,y there was so many books and I wanted to read them all! On Sports Day it’s a great place for minigolf!! I really love all libraries, but this one is the best!!

My Library is Important!

The reason I think my library is important is because we get to sign out books. I think it is the best place in our school to do research. I also really like it when we get to sit on the story steps and Ms. Debokx (the librarian) reads us a book. Since it is a quiet place to read I like to go there to finish a project. The library is a relaxing place to just take a break and read a book. The library is an awesome place for exploring new things to do. Although we have an incredible librarian, we also have impressive books from famous illustrators and authors. We’re always finding new interesting things because we are reading more and more books. We are learning things in the library we’ve never learned before, from computers, research books and encyclopaedias and don’t forget the librarian. Of course it is a wonderful place to read books. Some of the great books from there I will never forget.

Your friend Kenya

Our Library is Awesome
By Shelby

The library is my favourite place to read. When I need somewhere to research, it is the library. When I need some where to relax and just read, it is the library. Our librarian is the best; if you need a book she will find it for you. There is another way to find a book. Look on the computer. It is my favourite way to find books. Simply type in the title and there it is and if you do not know what you’re looking for, ask the librarian. She will ask you what you like and she knows the exact book. I love when Ms.Debokx reads to us. I enjoy it very much. I love researching in the library. When it is time to leave I do not want to leave. My favourite place to read is the library.

Why is a School Library Important?
By: Sasha

A library is important to me because it teaches me how to read and it teaches me how to spell words. Ms.Debokx, our librarian, reads us so many stories. Luckily, Ms.Debokx tells us to use our imagination. I love it!! I love to read! Most of all I love the library because it is a place to calm down. It is the most peaceful place to enjoy. It is also a family place that lots of families go to. The library is probably the most fun place in the world. I think that the library is important to other people too. The room is so nice and pretty. I love the library so much. To me and other people the library is like a home to the world. Personally, I think the Library rocks. If I had one wish I would give Umesh, our sponsor child from Nepal, and his family lots of lovely and cheerful and sweet books. If I save lots of money I will send him some books. I love books and I hope you do to. Keep reading my little friends.